Movie Night

Storyline for:  An American Carol


At a July 4 barbecue, gramps tells the kids the story of Michael Malone, a documentary filmmaker and Michael Moore look-alike who hates America and wants to abolish July 4th. He refuses to celebrate with his nephew Josh, who's shipping out soon to the Middle East. That night, Michel has a vision of his hero, JFK, who predicts that three ghosts will visit Michael. Sure enough, General Patton, George Washington, and country music star Trace Adkins visit Michael show him the fruits of patriotism, just wars, and pacifism.


Hosted: Keith Best (Director of Grassroots Outreach)

When: Monday, August 16th  

Time: 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30)

Where: RPWC Headquarters

1701 Peal St.  #5



Enjoy Popcorn & Soft Drinks



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