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The Wisconsin Elections Commission Endangered Seniors

April 1, 2022                        

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Rep. Brandtjen (414) 915-8425    


Madison - State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) and elder abuse in the November 2020 election:

“Yesterday, Attorney Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, filed a complaint with WEC and Outagamie County on behalf of a senior who voted in both the November 2020 election and the April 2021 election, after she was adjudicated as ‘incompetent’ to vote. WEC committed elder abuse with the elimination of Special Voting Deputies in 2020 and now with their outright refusal to maintain the WisVote system. Once again, Meagan Wolfe and her data team cannot provide a clear process for clerks to remove voters deemed incompetent by the courts. Wisconsinites have lost confidence in WEC managing voter records.”



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